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Verschiedene Sukkulenten Vermehrungsblätter - seltene und schöne Farben

Various succulent propagation leaves - rare and beautiful colors

€7,50 – €12,00
You are bidding on various propagation leaves The images in this listing are sample images only. It shows what a complete plant, a cutting or a propagation leaf might look...
Sukkulenten Stecklinge | Mixpaket | Echeveria, Pachyveria, Crassula etc.

Succulent cuttings | Mix pack | Echeveria, Pachyveria, Crassula etc.

€10,00 – €20,00
We offer cuttings and propagation leaves of various succulent species such as Echeveria, Pachyveria, Graptoveria, Crassula, Sedum and Graptosedum. When purchasing, choose between our small package of 3, our medium...
Sukkulenten Stecklinge und Vermehrungsblätter | Verschiedene Sorten

Succulent cuttings and propagation leaves | Different sorts

€10,00 – €26,00
When purchasing, choose between our small package of 10, our medium package of 20, or our large package of 30 leaves or cuttings. As a rule, no duplicate varieties are...